GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS is a satellite based navigation system that allows you to know your position anywhere on earth.

How does it work?

  • Satellites in the sky transmit signals to earth
  • GPS device in the vehicles receive these signals
  • The device calculates its location based on the information from at least 3 satellites.
  • Then the location is shown on a map that is pre-installed in the GPS device


Applications of GPS

  • In cars
  • Military - for the soldiers to know their location in the field
  • Shipping - to navigate the seas
  • Lorry Fleets - to track them
  • Leisure - Mountaineering, hiking
  • Crime - attach device to offenders to know their whereabouts for monitoring them

Advantages of using GPS rather than a paper

  • Safe - Driver need not refer a paper map, he can concentrate on driving
  • GPS provide accurate location


  • It doesn't work well indoors, need a clear visibility of sky
  • Navigation will be incorrect If the pre-installed map on the device is not updated

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